Tuesday, July 25, 2017

To many media outlets.....ugh

I am not sure where folks find the time to fill out posts on all these media outlets. I mean you have blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Wordpress just to name a few. There is no way you can update these things on a regular bases and still be creative.

If there is a way please let me know. I pretty much quit Facebook and twitter due to all the left wing nonsense. Tired of everyone attacking others because you don't agree with them. This is not saying all left wing folks did this but there was a high majority of them that did and no I am not a right wing person. I am conservative because I am a Christian but Jesus only served one person in power and that is God. My home is not on this world and everyday it becomes more apparent.

Most folks when you deal with them one on one are pretty nice folks but when you get a group together then it gets ugly.

For the record I believe God allows all of us to choose the life we want for ourselves. This means you can live a sinful life if you desire but just don't think that there aren't consequences to our choices. Even when you choose to do what God wants doesn't mean that hard times are not coming. That is the cost of living in a sinful world.

Now what I will not stand for is someone trying to tell, or teach, my kids that certain things are acceptable that are not acceptable. If that is the life you chose then so be it but don't think that everyone else has to go hand in hand with you down that road.

As Christians we need to learn to love folks where they are at. We were all there at some point in our lives. I mean I am still pretty sinful even though I try not to be but the difference is that I don't make excuses for my sin nor do I mask it in a veil of "pride". Which by the way is the sign of Satan. I mean that is his sin.

Not really sure why I went this route with this post. I mean originally it was just on how tough it is to manage all the media outlets. It is a job just to sit down and do those during the week.

Any suggestions on how to milk these outlets for the most you can; please leave it in the comments. I could use the help. Thanks.

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