Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some of my favorite indy companies.

Just wanted to make a list of some of the books I am reading and enjoying. Trying to push the indy guys that deserve some love. I think if you pick up their books you will like them.

The first company is "Kid Comics". The titles I have read are Dragonfly, Power Knights and Purge. They have one more title but it has a mature label on it so I did not get it.
I would say the company as a whole is easily a A- and I would give them a A+, but having to wait on titles kind of sucks. Not that they can really do much about it. It is just my love for the books and wanting to see more.
I will break down the books themselves and give you an idea of what I thought of them.
I have read the first three issues and it is a good book. The art is nice and the character is interesting. My only complaint with it is that I have read three issues and the main hero has yet to really get in his costume. The pacing may be moving just a little slow for my taste but if you like your super hero stuff with espionage and aliens then this book will be right up your alley. I would give it a solid B.
You can order your copies here:  Dragonfly comic
Power Knights:
I have read the first two issues of this book and it is also a top quality book. The book centers around brothers and aliens that have taken refuge on our planet. The aliens are the deadliest in the universe and someone is trying to activate them again for service. Now, the third issue is to be out soon and I can't wait. Again, if you like super heroes with a touch of Sci-fi thrown in then this book is for you. I would give it a -A.  You can order it here:  Power Knights
This is the final book of the companies that I have read. Now, this book is a reboot from an old indy book that was done back in the 90's. The creator is one of our local guys and I have known him for years. This reboot is pretty amazing. The art on it is top notch. I just don't see how you can not like it. The writing and the characters are very interesting. It is a strong super hero title that deserves a look. I would give it a solid A. You can order it here:  Purge

The next company is "Be Amazed Studios".  Be Amazed has three titles I have read and they are: Mutant Chasers, Earth Outlaws and Galactic Bounty Hunters. The company is hard at work with some other titles too but I am not sure exactly what they are about. As a whole I would give the company a solid A, like Kid Comics, but they have not produced as much work as Kid comics has in their time being a publishing company. I would like to see a little more production out of them and not such a long time between books.
It is really hard to go over each book just due to the fact there is only one issue of each done. So you are just introducing all the titles that I mentioned. I would recommend picking them up though and giving them a chance. I loved them. I just want more.
Here is a link where you can buy them: Be Amazed Studios

That is only a couple of companies that are doing a lot of cool things. Maybe I will do another one later mentioning some more indy books. If it is something you are interested in. Now go out and support some indy books.

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