Sunday, June 04, 2017

"Zuzu's petals" my butt

I know this may seem to be a weird topic to talk about because it isn't Christmas but if you knew anything about the real me and how my life was going then it probably would not seem so weird.

I have always hated the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". My wife actually has a great uncle that plays one of the main parts in the film. He is the one that makes the mule sounds and is really rich from selling plastic or some nonsense. Needless to say that every freaking Christmas my wife has to watch this horrid movie.

Now some of you may be scratching your head, and going, what the freak I thought everyone loved this movie. You would be wrong. George Bailey is by far the most screwed human being in the world. I mean this guy keeps trying to do what is right and just keeps getting screwed. A lot of times I can relate to the guy.

So, George is so loved that no one in that freaking town gave two craps about him until he was about to go to jail. I mean even God sent a second rate angel want to be to try and bail him out. I mean the guy was not even worthy enough to God to get a real angel. Then of course the dude never gets his dreams. Never. Not once did he get to see the world or get out of that hellhole of a town. Then to at the first sign of trouble the whole town comes screaming for their money from him. Yeah they loved him. I mean this whole movie is just a load of crap.

Then of course at the end you see the point is that he touched so many lives and changed them for the positive and that is what was important. Except of course he never got any of his dreams. Never got to see the world. Yet somehow he was suppose to just accept his role and even though he never got anything he wanted; he was suppose to be happy. SMH

I know the point of life is not about getting things or always getting your dreams but the idea that you never get your dreams but you are still suppose to be happy because of all the lives you touched is just worthless to me. I mean maybe it is a little selfish but if you never have a chance to live for you at some point and all you get is negative, like poor George, and myself, then life isn't wonderful. I am no more then a glorified stepping stone for others success or happiness. What the freak?

Sorry for this kind of rant but I really needed to get it off my chest and due to the fact that this is my only internet spot anymore then odds are this is where I will post most every thing.

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