Saturday, July 02, 2016

And yet another attempt. LOL

Yeah, I always try to keep this blog going.  It is crazy to me how hard it is to actually keep up with all the things I have going on in my life.

Just watched a youtube video done by Jake Parker and it had a lot of wisdom in it.  I am going to try and follow some of his advise and see it can help me with focus and drive.  I mean it can't hurt right?  I sure do need to do something.  After listening to all he had accomplished in just a year made me ashamed to call myself an artist.  This dude put in the hours.  I use to but as of late I have really dropped off the cliff.  Just not producing work like I should.  That is going to change.  I am going to embrace the fact I am an artist and really try to put the effort in that I should.

So hopefully this will be updated more often then just once every 8 months.


wordboy said...

I find myself having similar thoughts sometimes. Now, I'm a writer not an artist but I see other independent authors churning out work, making sales and generally earning the accolades of the reading public. Meanwhile, I consider it a red letter day if I can grind out one paragraph without rewriting it ten times. It's easy to compare yourself to others and feel you're not measuring up.

There are several things I try to keep in mind to help me. First, I try to remember that it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. Slow progress is better than no progress. I say at the start of every day that I'm going to churn out a couple of pages. Some days I managed to avoid distractions and do that, carving out time around my work schedule. Some days, I manage to get out only one sentence. Not what I'd hoped for but y'know, it's one sentence more than I had yesterday.

The other thing I've learned, and this has been hard, is to forgive myself when I write poorly. An often repeated mantra is "the first draft doesn't have to be just has to be finished." Perfection comes through editing. Improvement comes with continuous work. Just get the work finished. Make it perfect later. (Not sure if that's really applicable to art but there it is.)

Finally, I've learned that the only writer I'm in competition with is the writer I was yesterday. What other writers do, while it may ultimately prove to be motivating, doesn't really affect me. Am I a better writer today than I was yesterday? Yeah, I think so. Will I be a better writer tomorrow than I was today? God, I hope so. So I keep plugging along to get the stories finished, get them edited as close to perfection as I can then get them published.

Now if I can only figure out marketing...

So work as consistently as possible, blog when you can. (I've just about abandoned my blog here, too. I've actually started a new one over on WordPress and am trying to post on something resembling a regular schedule.)

Will Caligan said...

Marketing? Hope you can figure it out. I was never good at it and the fact you have to beg folks to read something or buy something is just not something I am really comfortable with at all.

I hope that someday I get back to some level of desire with both writing and art but at this point not sure what is going to happen. Not to mention my health issues that are slowing me down too. But it is what it is.