Monday, December 30, 2013

A new year is a coming

A new year is a coming.  Hopefully I can get more accomplished in 2014 then I did in 2013.  2013 was not a real good year.  A lot of issues with health and my wife losing her job made being creative difficult.

I think one thing that I am going to focus on more in the upcoming year is will be producing a project that actually has meaning too to it other then just entertainment.  I think it is time to give myself a voice and use my talents a little better then I have lately.

So, we will see where the journey goes.  I hope everyone comes a long for the ride.  I appreciate all of you and my career would be nothing without your support.  Thanks.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Try to get back on track

It has been a while.  I have went through a bit of a funk as of late.  Not really happy with my art work and really been pretty unmotivated to do anything.  It is kind of sad.  I have several issues of Gun Ghoul to script and one issue of Techlore to script too.  I am not really sure what my issues are with producing stuff.  I have plenty of free time and can pretty much do what ever I like.  Just can't seem to find the one thing that will get me back on the horse.

Well, hopefully with me venting a little it will help with the creative side.  I know that my art looking like crap here lately has really been a big issue.  It just sucks and I know that every artist goes through this but I have not had one this long before and I am not really sure how to work out of it.

Going to keep trying to move forward.  Please keep supporting me and pushing me.  Thanks.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Update for everyone

Hope all is going well with everyone. Things have been pretty busy for me. I am gearing up to do a couple different projects. I have an 12 page comic I am doing for a Christian Rap artist and my good friend, David Micheal, which will come out along his new album in March or April. I am finishing up the Gun Ghoul four part mini series. Bob Raymond is finishing the art for issue 3 and issue 4 will be done by June and the same for my Techlore project. I am penciling a 68 page Outlaw Angel story that should be out later this year. It will be a hard back over sized book and I am pretty stoked about it. The studio will also have a FCBD comic that will be available at the shops that we are signing at which will have stories from a couple of us. I think that is about it for now. Hope everyones' year is going well and hope to see a lot of production out of everyone.