Monday, November 12, 2012

Time is a flying

I have really been busy as of late. not a bad thing but finding time seems to be a hard thing to do. This design is a little update for my Shadowguard project that will be a web comic that I am producing for the Alpha Dog Studios web page. You will be able to get a new page of story each week and after a year I will collect it into a book for sale at shows or on line. I have not decided if I am going to draw the book in a more cartoony style; like that I posted, or more of a Joe Madish type style. Trying to find out which fits the book more has been frustraiting to say the lest. Hopefully, I can post up more designs in the next couple of days and see where the pencils and story is taking me. Hope you dig it.


Chad Lawrence said...

Sweet! Can't wait to see more man! Good luck on the style exploration!

Will Caligan said...

Thanks buddy. I appreciate the support and kind words.