Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A day in November

It is hard to believe this year is almost over. It has been a crazy year. My son, Logan, was born in Febuary and he has been a handful to say the lest. Two of my projects: Gun Ghoul and Techlore are almost complete and all four issues will be ready for sale come next year. Cherry Bomb has a new penciler and is going well. Dragonseed is on issue two and the studio is getting ready to lauch a new website. For the most part it has been a good year. I do wish I could have been more productive with my art. I don't think I really completed to many pieces but I will have to change that due to the fact that I am doing a weekly web comic over at the Alpha Dog Studios web site. I hope December is good for everyone and I should have more updates for everyone.


Chad Lawrence said...

Good to hear things are going well man!

Will Caligan said...

Thanks buddy. Things are pretty good. We have some major car problems but life is good.