Monday, October 22, 2012

Pushing on.

I am still going through some type of funk. I really haven't wanted to draw anything lately and my creative juices have slowed to almost a crawl. I have to force myself to write and draw. It is prety sad. I use to never have these type of issues. Not really sure what is going on. Anyway, the image I posted is a WIP of a Wolverine and Sabertooth piece I am working on. The exercise I am going for here is shapes and distance. I haven't ueed a grid and I am just trying to eyeball. Hope to finish it soon. Thanks.


Chad Lawrence said...

Sorry to hear you're still in a funk man. Hope God leads you where you need to be. (hopefully out of this funk and making comics again! :) And I really like the shapes you used for Wolverine's forearms and hands. I dunno what it is exactly, the angle-ness to it? I dunno, I just think it's working really well. Also, I think you were successful with the space, like the looking down angle that strikes a nice balance between feeling distant from the characters but still close enough to feel as you're a part of the scene.

Will Caligan said...

Thanks buddy. I appreciate the support and kind words. I hope I get out of this funk too.

I also appreciate the comments on the work. It makes me feel better knowing that what I am trying is working to some degree.

Thanks buddy.