Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday storms

It has stormed here most the day. I love some good storms. It cleans away the bad and refreshes for the new. I finished up a piece last night and I may end up making a web comic with the character. I am not really sure yet but I like the character. Still staying away from most the inter net. I have seen or read people really going crazy about gun control now due to the senseless act in Colorado on Friday morning. I don't own a gun but I do not believe that folks should not have the right to own them. This incident doesn't change my view on this at all. The fact is that any gun control law is only going to affect those that follow the laws. Criminals will still find a way and now the innocent law abiding citizens would not be able to defend themselves. Also, the whole reason our fore fathers put this law in the books was to make sure our own government could not become tyrants over the us and the land. I do think that if our government tries to make us follow the UN gun agenda that you could possible see some riots in the street. The UN doesn't dictate American laws or rights. This goes back to the whole "world order" nonsense. Of course this is just my two cents in all of it but I can't see good ol souther boys handing over their fire arms to anyone.

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