Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Been a while but hopefully that will change.

Wow, it is almost Christmas already. I have no idea where this year has gone too. It was very productive for me and the studio. We produced not one, but two books, and we have more planned for 2011.
God has blessed me greatly this year. He has moved me to a new home with a private studio and given me a lot of free time to work.
The problem I have run into is motivation and determining which project I should commit to for next year. I have several projects that are my own and I have several projects that my friends would like me to work on.
The huge blessing is that money really isn't an issue. I don't have to do a project just because I need money. I can do one that I truly love and can sink my teeth into.
I also have the ability now to produce the whole book. I can write, pencil, color, letter, print and sell it. So, I can put the work into it but I have so many choices that I don't know how to narrow it down to just one. It is hard for me to say that I love any one project of mine more then any other. So picking is hard.
So, hopefully you will stick around and help me decide. Give me some input and let me know what you like and what you would like to see from me in the future.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Been a long time.

Hey everyone. Been awhile since I posted anything on here. Life was real busy and I had to focus on getting some studio stuff done. I am going to try and be a little more productive on my blog. Give more personal information out here then my DA and Facebook sites.

I am presently working on a 10 page story with Karl Altstaetter, which is suppose to be out for the Phoenix Con in January and it will be sold through Diamond in May, I think. My studio mate, Mark Stegbauer will be inking it and I will be writing, penciling and coloring it. So be on the look out for it.

I am trying to decide which project I am going to try and get published next year. It is either going to be my Outlaw Angel, Gun Ghoul, or Dragonseed projects. All of which are at a level to publish. The stories are there and the art is coming along nicely.

My Techlore project will be printed and ready for sale by the middle of next year too. I have two more issues to get colored and lettered and the first story arc will be completed. I might do more with it but I am not sure. It will depend on the love I get from this series.

I think that is it for now. I did leave you guys with some cool art. My buddy, Jon Sommariva, did a cool take on Gun Ghoul for me. He rocks. I would love to have him do a Gun Ghoul arc.

Thanks and until next time. Keep your pencils sharp and your imagination going.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My new art book is up for sale.

Sorry that I haven't posted a lot on here lately. I have some hackers who are using my blog to pass notes to one another and I don't really know how to stop them. It is really upsetting me. I hate crooked people and the fact they are using my site for something really gets under my skin.

Anyway, my new art book is off to the printer and I am taking pre orders for it. The book is a 40 page color, black and white, hardback. It is a collection of my work from 2002-2010. The book cost $30 and that includes shipping and handling.

The first 40 people to buy a copy with receive a piece of original art with the book. Also, you will get a free sketch in the back of any character you desire.

If you would like to order a copy. Send a payment of $30 to my paypal account: and put "art book" in the subject line.

Also, make sure you put who you want the sketch of in the message.

Thanks and I hope to have some more stuff posted up here shortly. Until then here is a cover penciled by Randy Green and colored by Leonardo Olea for one of my projects called "Techlore".

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A time of re evaluations

Time for an update. Things were a little crazy last week. I also caught some type of bug since last Friday and I am just now getting over it. Still have a lot of congestion in my chest and throat. Can't really talk that well. UGH.

Anyway, I think it is a time for me to re evaluate my life. I noticed a trend in the last six or seven months and it isn't a good one. I have fallen back into some old patterns that just aren't suitable. If I want to move forward I really have to let go of the past and that includes, people and situations that bring the worse out in me. I firmly believe you have to cut the negative out of your life. You only live a short time and if people or situations are not helping you grow and bringing bad emotions out of you, then it is time for a change. I am not the type of person who wants things "to be like they use to be" or sit around thinking about how much better things were years ago. To be honest, I never really cared for the past. Sure there were good times but there were more bad then good. I am happy with the life God has given me now. Sure, I could have more money, more success and more friends but at what cost? I am very lucky to have a wife that loves me as much as my wife does. The friends I do have are loyal and would pretty much die for me. They don't stab me in the back or look for an angle to manipulate. That is what the people from my past use to and still do. I don't really hold any ill will towards these guys but God helped me escape that situation and establish myself as an individual and I don't want to lose that and I sure don't want to continue to try and please people that could careless about my happiness or don't feel the same loyalty to me as I do to them.

I don't have much to give in this life. I am not rich, I am not famous and I don't have a lot of worldly treasures but the one thing I do have is a strong loyal friendship. It is something that I should treasure and not give away so easily. If anything I should learn not to be so quick to be open to people.

So this brings up the title, time to re evaluate my life and relationships. What are my goals? Who are my friends? Who is going to be there to bring the best out in me? Where do I see myself in a year? Who do I surround myself with and are they there to help or hinder me? What does God truly want from me?

I hope you stick around and see if I can come up with these answers. I would love to read your input on it. Hope you surround yourself with friends and folks that uplift you and don't bring you down.