Thursday, October 29, 2009

Choices, Choices, and Choices

Hey everyone. Sorry it has been a while since my last post on here. I am trying to do more on my blog then on my DA site or at least some new stuff on here that you you don't get on my DA site. I also tend to be more personal on my blog but writing stuff down and getting feedback tends to help me make the hard choices.

That being said here is the deal. I was talking to a good friend of mine, Tim Kane, and he said something to me that really resounded in my soul. He is embarking on doing his own creator owned projects and his attitude toward this goal is very inspiring to say the least. He really has put a fire under my butt.

That being said here is the problem. Choices. Sometimes it is easier when those choices are limited but I actually have several creator owned projects that are publishable and actually have an issue or mini series already in the can. They just haven't seen print yet.

My projects that already have stuff ready to go are Techlore(which I posted the lead design for in this entry), Grimm, Outlaw Angel and Cherry Bomb.

All of these projects already have a following due to me exposing them on my DA site and I could easily take them some where to publish or even just do it myself but I just don't know which title I am more interested in. I am a flake when it comes to sticking to a project and seeing it through to the end. For me the joy comes from creating these projects but the fact is that I am not being a good steward of them by not finishing them up. This is something Tim had said to me about making sure that he was ready to complete something he started and again I felt as though I dropped the ball on doing this with my projects.

Also, to the fans of these projects I have let them down by not doing something with the projects and getting folks interested in them. Very irresponsible on my be half.

So my question to all you folks reading this is, "What do you think I should do?" Please feel free to really open up and let me know what you think. I need some feed back.

Thanks everyone.


Jason Crawford. said...

Hey there. Awesome blog by the way!!!

Choices of what to do are really challenging.
And I certainly feel green in this area as I'm learning all the time.
I've tried many different markets lately, different to what your into, but the consequence's of the above is I'm all over the place and slightly jaded. But I've been given some good advice.

It's the practical do what your good at and also what your heart loves to do. Hope this doesn't sound corny, but I engage more fully and see things through with more steam when I connect head and heart.
Is there a particular project that is really jumping out to you? It has that something just for you firstly before you unleash it to the rest of the world.
I think ultimately your fans will love what-ever you do, but the real question is...what one project do you absolutely HAVE TO DO.

Hope this helps,

Will Caligan said...

Thanks so much Jason. The problem I am really having is knowing what I am good at and what my heart loves to do. I have either been in a funk or depressed or something. I just don't know.

So it is real hard for me to pin point what project is jumping out at me.

I really don't know which one I have to do.

Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it.