Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back from Chicago con and other things.

Just got back from Chicago con last Monday. Me, Bat and my buddy Eddie went and set up in artist alley. The show itself was weird. I have attended many Chicago cons but this one just seemed to have the feel of death on it. Not the people there but the actual show. Marvel and DC did not come and set up and that pretty much left a void with the publishers. Even Image just had a small booth. The rumor mill was that this would be the last year for the show. That a new company was putting one on in Chicago in April and that it would kill Wizards show. I have mixed feelings on this. I have attended Chicago con since 1996 and it holds many great memories. I meet a lot of folks who are now my good friends. It will sadden me to see the doors close. But I also feel that there needs to be some fresh blood in the market. Someone that doesn't charge artist an arm and a leg to set up and treats them good. I have to admit that I did not feel that the Wizard show was very organized. A lot of guest did not realize that Thursday was just a preview night and came early to set up. It was kind of crazy. But enough of the bad.

The craziest thing I experienced from the show was a fan bringing me a book I did a pin up in almost 11 years ago to sign. It was crazy. I could not believe he found this thing but it made my day. I met a lot of Internet friends face to face, like Jeff Wamester, Khary Randolf, Bob Stang, and Jeff Cruz just to name a few. It was good times and it was something that I really needed. It rejuvenated me and has me wanting to draw again.

The thing I realized the most from the trip is my lack of comic work in the last years. Most of my work has been commissions and character design stuff. Granted it pays the bills but when sitting up at a show it doesn't look as if I have done much lately and that has to change. I need to be more productive and tell the stories I want to tell.

The designs I posted up are for a Christian comic pitch. I am just the freelance guy on the gig. So I really don't know much about it but I like how the designs have come out. I let you know more about it when I know more.

Thanks for reading and hope you having a blessed time.