Saturday, July 11, 2009

More of the Angel

I really don't have a ton of stuff to write about. Life is pretty much the same as it was about a month ago. I found some stuff out about my dad. He has lied to just about everyone that he talks to on the phone. He told everyone that he has a job working for JCpenny. It is kind of crazy. He is reverting back to the person he was when he went missing. I don't really know how to handle it. He has not gone to his head doctor for almost a year. It is almost like I am raising another kid. It drives me crazy.

On a professional note, my project, "Cherry Bomb" has been announced. It is a project that I am working on with my friend, Randy Green. The book is about a character who hunts assassins looking to bring justice for her father who was killed and she doesn't know who did it. We are treating the book like the book from Image called "The Ride". We will have short stories where she is killing different assassins and they will be done by different artist.

I am also trying to get my "Outlaw Angel" and "Gun Ghoul" stuff situated. I am presently looking into making toys of the characters. Does anyone have any thoughts on the idea?

Thanks for reading and until next time. Keep the pencil to paper and create.


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Nice! ^_^

Claudio Cerri said...

wonderful character dear Will, see you soon and good job!

trialsze said...

Thanks so much everyone. I really appreciate the kind words of encouragement.