Monday, November 24, 2008

Almost Thanksgiving

Well, my last blog was not the greatest and it amazes me how fast God can turn things around. God has showed me a lot of different things about myself and how I view things. Needless to say I follow God but never truly believe that He is going to bless me. Which is just crazy. I have to start believing that God is blessing me not due to my actions but because of His grace.

Things are going a lot better now. I have some projects coming down the pipe that are pretty big. Which is cool. I can't really say a whole lot about them yet. As soon as we get farther into the projects I will post about them.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and hope everyone gets to spend time with their family. Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

congrats on the projects. Your art is amazing. Keep up the good work and stay in Faith.

Diogo Nascimento said...

Nice work man!!! take care

Michael OHare said...

Thanks for the feedback
I am digging those Marvel Sketch cards you have posted.

trialsze said...

Thanks so much everyone.

Angel-Right back at ya my friend. You have some great work and keep the faith.

Diogo-Thanks so much my friend.

Michael-You are welcome. Love your work. Thanks for the kind words on my cards.

Thanks again everyone.

John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

Hey man,
glad to hear your situation is improvin'. I think all of us artists know about the struggle and God is really the only thing that brings us through. continue the great work, homie.

Keep it ill

trialsze said...

Thanks John. Means a lot to me. Yeah, God is my refuge my friend. I could not survive without Him.

Hope you continue the great work as well. Following your blog now.

Pablo Vaquero said...

Hello my name is Pablo Vaquero from Argentina and after vicit this

blog and see what great artist you are like me to give me an

opinions concerning my work

trialsze said...

Thanks Pablo. I will. I posted some stuff on your blog buddy.