Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year and new outlook

Well, I am going to start posting a lot more in my blog and not as much in other sites. I think lately I have become to internet active and have not done enough work. So, that is part of my resolution for this year. I want to draw more and be more productive. Growth is important to me and lately I do not see a lot of that in my work but I am still drawing and that is a great thing.

This year is starting out pretty good. I just finished up a tight deadline for a on line computer gaming company that paid pretty well and I just got a call back from a local church who is considering me for a Youth Pastor position. If I get the Youth Pastor position I plan on quiting my full time job and doing it and art. Plus, my son will be able to stay home with me and not have to go to daycare. Such a good blessing. God is good.

I am presently working on several comicbook related projects and a ton of commissions. I have several I have not finished and need to get done. I also have a couple covers I need to finish. Life is good. God is good.

Thanks for reading and hope to post some more cool stuff in a day or two. Be blessed.

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