Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More news and such

Well, this year has really started out great. I really have no room to complain. My first major published work will be out in August through APE entertainment and I just found out that I will be working on some Marvel upperdeck cards, which is cool for me. So all is good. Hope everyone else is doing well.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well, here we go again

Well, I have really been busy as of late. I have some pretty cool news. I am part of a cool anthology coming out this August from APE entertainment called "Cereal and Pajamas". It is a collection of artist that really have a saturday morning cartoon feel to their work and the book itself is an homage to those early days of cartoons that we all grew up on. Now be sure to pick up the book it will be in June's previews and will have over 130 pages in it. Good reading.

Oh yeah, I guess I should post some art. It has been awhile.