Saturday, July 02, 2016

And yet another attempt. LOL

Yeah, I always try to keep this blog going.  It is crazy to me how hard it is to actually keep up with all the things I have going on in my life.

Just watched a youtube video done by Jake Parker and it had a lot of wisdom in it.  I am going to try and follow some of his advise and see it can help me with focus and drive.  I mean it can't hurt right?  I sure do need to do something.  After listening to all he had accomplished in just a year made me ashamed to call myself an artist.  This dude put in the hours.  I use to but as of late I have really dropped off the cliff.  Just not producing work like I should.  That is going to change.  I am going to embrace the fact I am an artist and really try to put the effort in that I should.

So hopefully this will be updated more often then just once every 8 months.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Is this blog dead?

Not sure if I am wasting my time or not.  Haven't posted on here in a while and don't know even if anyone is reading the thing.  Oh well.

Thought I would use this place as somewhere I could just throw out my thoughts on things.  Some may not be too popular but that is how it works now a days.  Folks get mad at the littlest of things.

I have really gone through a lot in the last two years.  I was diagnosed with nueropathy in both my legs.  If you don't know what that is then let me explain.  It is very painful.  I have basically nerve pain constantly in both of my legs.  So bad you really can't do much of anything.  It took them about 7 months to finally get me on some meds that actually made me feel better.  I still think the meds give me a form of depression but it is a dammed if you do; dammed if you don't type of situation.  Really kind of sucks.  It has really affected my art too.  I am just now getting back to where I once was when all of this started to happen.

Through this time I have lost my identity.  I am not really sure what I am suppose to be doing right now.  The comic industry is in such a bad way and doing commercial art just sucks the life out of me.  I do wish God would open my eyes to what He wants for me.  Kind of tired of making the wrong choices and wasting years of my life that get me no where.

I love comics.  I love drawing.  If money was not an issue I would open and run my own publishing company and try to give more up and coming talent bigger shots at getting seen.  That is of course if I had the money to do it.  There is where the problem is at though.  I am in no way rich and just doing the couple of books I have done with Alpha Dog Studios has just about broke me.  I have seen no type of pay off for all the hard work that was put into these products.  The truth is that I may never see any type of pay off.  So what do you do?

Would love to read input from you guys and hear what you have to say and what you ideas are on it.  Thanks.

Monday, December 30, 2013

A new year is a coming

A new year is a coming.  Hopefully I can get more accomplished in 2014 then I did in 2013.  2013 was not a real good year.  A lot of issues with health and my wife losing her job made being creative difficult.

I think one thing that I am going to focus on more in the upcoming year is will be producing a project that actually has meaning too to it other then just entertainment.  I think it is time to give myself a voice and use my talents a little better then I have lately.

So, we will see where the journey goes.  I hope everyone comes a long for the ride.  I appreciate all of you and my career would be nothing without your support.  Thanks.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Try to get back on track

It has been a while.  I have went through a bit of a funk as of late.  Not really happy with my art work and really been pretty unmotivated to do anything.  It is kind of sad.  I have several issues of Gun Ghoul to script and one issue of Techlore to script too.  I am not really sure what my issues are with producing stuff.  I have plenty of free time and can pretty much do what ever I like.  Just can't seem to find the one thing that will get me back on the horse.

Well, hopefully with me venting a little it will help with the creative side.  I know that my art looking like crap here lately has really been a big issue.  It just sucks and I know that every artist goes through this but I have not had one this long before and I am not really sure how to work out of it.

Going to keep trying to move forward.  Please keep supporting me and pushing me.  Thanks.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Update for everyone

Hope all is going well with everyone. Things have been pretty busy for me. I am gearing up to do a couple different projects. I have an 12 page comic I am doing for a Christian Rap artist and my good friend, David Micheal, which will come out along his new album in March or April. I am finishing up the Gun Ghoul four part mini series. Bob Raymond is finishing the art for issue 3 and issue 4 will be done by June and the same for my Techlore project. I am penciling a 68 page Outlaw Angel story that should be out later this year. It will be a hard back over sized book and I am pretty stoked about it. The studio will also have a FCBD comic that will be available at the shops that we are signing at which will have stories from a couple of us. I think that is about it for now. Hope everyones' year is going well and hope to see a lot of production out of everyone.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A day in November

It is hard to believe this year is almost over. It has been a crazy year. My son, Logan, was born in Febuary and he has been a handful to say the lest. Two of my projects: Gun Ghoul and Techlore are almost complete and all four issues will be ready for sale come next year. Cherry Bomb has a new penciler and is going well. Dragonseed is on issue two and the studio is getting ready to lauch a new website. For the most part it has been a good year. I do wish I could have been more productive with my art. I don't think I really completed to many pieces but I will have to change that due to the fact that I am doing a weekly web comic over at the Alpha Dog Studios web site. I hope December is good for everyone and I should have more updates for everyone.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Time is a flying

I have really been busy as of late. not a bad thing but finding time seems to be a hard thing to do. This design is a little update for my Shadowguard project that will be a web comic that I am producing for the Alpha Dog Studios web page. You will be able to get a new page of story each week and after a year I will collect it into a book for sale at shows or on line. I have not decided if I am going to draw the book in a more cartoony style; like that I posted, or more of a Joe Madish type style. Trying to find out which fits the book more has been frustraiting to say the lest. Hopefully, I can post up more designs in the next couple of days and see where the pencils and story is taking me. Hope you dig it.